Apple in Education Profiles

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At the beginning of the 20th century, Singapore was changing rapidly. Though independence was still decades away, the city had become a sophisticated and prosperous crossroads of the world — a place where new ideas could quickly take root and grow.

Apple in Higher Education

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Today’s new teachers will one day enter classrooms in which every student has a personal computer connected to a wireless network. Emerging technologies such as podcasts, electronic portfolios and multimedia projects already hold the promise of learning experiences that foster interaction, collaboration and enthusiasm. The ubiquity of computing provides teachers and students the opportunity to create new and engaging learning environments that improve student achievement and enable students to develop 21st-century skills. With Apple solutions, higher education establishments can prepare future teachers to be comfortable, well trained and proficient with the computer as a teaching tool so their students can realise the educational benefits of innovative technologies

Apple in IT

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Today’s students grew up in a digital world where technology is not only a tool but also an environment for communicating, collaborating, creating and sharing. And unlike previous generations, they bring technology expectations with them to their colleges and universities. That’s why more students are arriving on campus with Apple’s Intel-based Mac. The Mac is a rock-solid computer that fits seamlessly into most IT infrastructures. Fast, capable and compatible, it offers the best combination of power, flexibility and value in educational computing today.​

Apple Mobile Classroom

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Apple Mobile Learning Solutions

A compelling model for 21st-century learning. A new generation of students expects a learning environment that accommodates a mobile lifestyle, integrates today’s digital tools, adapts to individual learning styles, and encourages collaboration and teamwork. More schools are choosing Apple to help them make the move to mobile technology because only Apple provides a digital learning environment specifically designed to support mobile learning - offering pervasive access to 21st-century learning tools while reducing infrastructure costs.