AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Maintenance of IT infrastructure has become necessary to various customers looking for better option to keep their system up running with minimum downtime.

We can offer your company a support and service contract to keep your business' equipment systems at peak performance. The service contract includes regular scheduled maintenance for all systems and equipment at an agreed service level and cost.


Onsite/Remote Customer Support

We offer both, remote and on-site support for a wide range of hardware. We aim to provide you with the highest possible level of customer service. When you call us we assign you with an experienced technician who can provide you with an 'end-to-end' resolution to your problem.

For fast, efficient and cost-effective support, we can instigate a protocol to manage your company's equipment remotely. Problems can be fixed quickly with minimum impact on your business and without waiting for a technician.

Rest assured that we keep track of your support history so that we can maintain the continuity of care that you expect and trust.


Mobile Device & Content Management

Mobile devices are quickly becoming a primary communications and computing platform for business and institution. We provide on-cloud or on-premise solution for managing content and mobile devices supporting all major platforms without compromising on security and productivity of the organization.



Digital Content Creation

Using the combination your subject matter expertise and our IT skills, we can offer you several ways to make your own digital content, in addition to providing you with well-formed eBook code.


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