• Collaborative Learning
  • Digital Books Creation and Development
  • Digital Classroom Design and Setup
  • Teaching and Learning in Classroom
  • Content Creation and Tools
  • Integration with existing systems and methodologies
  • Training and Development Assistance
  • End-to-end solutions from content creation, adaptation and distribution


Designing, Supply and Implementation
  • Surveillance
  • Mailing solutions for SME/SMBs
  • Mobile Device integration and device management
  • Workflow design and storage solution for the enterprises and creative industries


Storage Solutions
  • Unique Secured Storage Solutions
  • Disaster-Proof Network Attached Storage
  • The Rugged Portable Fireproof and Waterproof Storage Solutions
  • Fast Backup / Recovery Time (RTO/RPO)
  • High Protection / Security
  • Real-Time Backup
  • Simple Plug and Play
  • Low Cost
  • Secure Private Cloud (NAS)


Digital Book Authoring
  • Content Protection - Secure Content Distribution
  • Cost-Effective Workflows
  • Delivery — flexible cross-device purchase and consumption
  • iBooks Author
  • Digital Company Brochure
  • Digital Product Catalog
  • Education content - subject specific or generic


Designing Campus wide Wifi Solutions
  • Simplified Deployment
  • Outdoor coverage
  • Central Management
  • BYOD (Bring your own devices)
  • Application Control
  • Guest wifi
  • Enterprise Security
  • High Density wifi
  • Branch Networking
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