Terms & Conditions

  • Order confirmation only through www.sebi.fusion-software.com portal.
  • Price and Availability subject to change
  • Warranty as per manufaturer policy.
  • Delivery will be within 7 working days from from the following day of the order confirmation date.
  • Saturday & Sunday will not be treated as working days.
  • Delivery of desktops (only iMac) can be provided to residence within mumbai jurisdiction.
  • Delivery of P MacBook Pro / MacBook Air / MacMini / MacPro / iPad / iPhone / MacMini will be done at SEBI Bhavan, BKC, Mumbai.
  • Payment will be accepted through Bank Transfer / Demand Draft / Current Dated Cheque & Credit Card.
  • Cheque / Demand Draft to made in favor of “FUSION SOFTWARES & SYSTEMS PVT. LTD.”
  • Billing will be done on the name of SEBI with User Name.
  • Photo Copy of ID Cards should be handed over to the Fusion Softwares & Systems Pvt. Ltd. personnel.
  • Once Order is confirmed can not be cancelled.
  • Any order modification has to intimated to the Fusion Sales on sales@fusion-software.com by or before 1600 Hrs on the same day of booking along with your order confirmation details.
  • Accessories has to be ordered with the main product.
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