What is iClass?

What is iClass?

iClass is an innovative concept initiated by Fusion to enhance learning through new teaching concepts with the use of innovative ICT tools from Apple.

The broader goal of iClass is to emancipate the teacher & students from the CHALK AND TALK method to ubiquitous learning.

It is trendy to say "its time for an education revolution".


But is there an attempt to bring this to reality?

It is our attempt through the iClass to bring about this change....Apple products are the catalyst to this change...

iClass is about teaching TO the class rather than teaching IN the class.

With iClass, your classroom material go way beyond the classroom. Enhance student's access to high quality educational resources in core, research and praxis through educational apps, interactive books on every subject and speeches and videos by experts and institutions.

TEACH YOUR WAY. WITH YOUR MATERIALS. iClass enables you to create your own interactive material that work best for your students. Because no one knows What They Need - How They Learn - Better Than You.

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Every learner is different. With just a few taps, you can customize your student's iPad with materials that fits their level and learning style. Say you are teaching a maths lesson on fractions, for your students who learn best by visualizing, download a video from iTunes U on fraction. And for those who learn through tactile interaction, find an app that lets student cut the shapes in fractions. The wide range of content make it east to tailor iClass for students at variety of learning levels.

Available Apps on the App Store, graded content repository on the iTunes U and the iBook Author provide with the tools for learning. Keynote, Pages and iBook Author allow creation of interactive content which is your very own. Bring about your creativity to the fore and distribute the same on the private or public domain through the iTunes U. Create courses collaboratively in open formats on the iTunes U.

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With iClass, you can teach all your students the same lessons - in different ways. iClass enhances the capabilities of the teachers in cutting edge knowledge and deliver courses that are relevant to the curriculum

From Automation To Transformation

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