Apple in Higher Education

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Today’s new teachers will one day enter classrooms in which every student has a personal computer connected to a wireless network. Emerging technologies such as podcasts, electronic portfolios and multimedia projects already hold the promise of learning experiences that foster interaction, collaboration and enthusiasm. The ubiquity of computing provides teachers and students the opportunity to create new and engaging learning environments that improve student achievement and enable students to develop 21st-century skills. With Apple solutions, higher education establishments can prepare future teachers to be comfortable, well trained and proficient with the computer as a teaching tool so their students can realise the educational benefits of innovative technologies

The ultimate teaching tools built in.

Apple offers future teachers all the tools they need to learn how to engage their students and bring relevance to education. The easy-to-use iLife suite* of digital authoring applications includes iPhoto for incorporating photos into presentations and class research projects; iWeb** for creating websites and blogs; iMovie for importing and editing video; iDVD, a fast and easy way to create Hollywood-style DVDs; and GarageBand, a fully-featured recording studio and the easiest way to learn guitar and piano on the Mac. Best of all, the iLife suite is included free with every Mac. iTunes, the popular and free digital repository for both Mac computers and PCs, also enables original content created with GarageBand to be distributed. Specially designed for teachers and students. Apple's tightly integrated educational computing solution is uniquely well suited for use in higher education because it combines hardware, system software and applications straight out of the box. Together, these products provide an innovative, stable platform for learning, with powerful advantages for teachers and students. In fact, many MacBook hardware features were designed specifically for students, including a slim, lightweight, compact design; a precision aluminium unibody enclosure that's light, beautifully streamlined and durable; no protruding or moving parts to jam or break; a magnetically connected power cord; an internal motion sensor that protects the hard drive; long battery life and energy efficiency; and a built-in camera to foster creation and collaboration.

More tools for teaching… and learning.

Much more than a music player, iPod allows teachers to record class discussions, share personal notes and track small group discussions. iWork and MobileMe† empower teachers to challenge their students to express themselves in more imaginative ways. iChat enables in-classroom and remote communication and collaboration between future teachers and their supervisors, mentor teachers, school pupils and parents.

Apple empowers deans,professors and staff.

iTunes U provides higher education establishments with an avenue to deliver audio and video educational content to their students and to connect their resources to schools. With iTunes U, learning isn't confined to the classroom: it can happen anytime and anywhere students have a Mac, a PC or an iPod. The Apple Learning Interchange (ALI), a global social network for educators, contains a wealth of content ranging from simple lesson ideas to in-depth curriculum units for school teachers.

Apple empowers teachers

The integrated, powerful and easy-to-use features of the Mac, iLife, iChat and other Apple and third-party software allow existing and future teachers to concentrate on developing interesting and motivational approaches to teaching and learning. They can focus on specific ways that technology can be used to facilitate teaching and learning, including differentiated instruction to accommodate different learning styles; more frequent feedback loops and guidance; and visualisation, simulation and gaming as techniques for helping students understand complex subjects. Teachers are also empowered to find ways to engage all learners regardless of ability or disability, grant access to virtual communities and experts, extend the learning day beyond traditional school hours and outside classrooms, and engage students as producers -not just consumers - of content.

Software that boosts student achievement.

Many educator-recommended products are designed to increase student achievement in language, arts, maths and science. These solutions foster an engaging and highly interactive learning environment that helps educators address content standards while meeting the unique needs of each student. In this new learning environment, students can acquire 21st-century skills, learning how to locate information quickly, weigh and evaluate information for bias and accuracy, and synthesise and apply that information to solve problems. In addition, teachers have access to hundreds of educational software products from leading educational developers, as well as popular productivity software such as Microsoft Office, that work seamlessly on a Mac.

The cost of a good education is lower than you think.

The cost of tuition is high, but Apple strives to ensure that staff and students get the best computers for science at the lowest possible cost. Apple's education pricing includes substantial discounts for institutional purchases and for individual purchases by students and staff in higher education.

Apple in education.

For 30 years, Apple has been committed to building innovative products that inspire students and advance teaching and learning in a changing world. Today's generation of students expects the latest digital tools and a learning environment that accommodates a mobile lifestyle, adapts to individual learning styles, and encourages collaboration and teamwork. Education leaders, teaching staff and IT professionals require technology that works in a multi-platform world, offers rock-solid reliability and security, and delivers proven value. Apple provides the comprehensive solutions and resources that education needs to reach today's students. With a combination of training, certification and discounts for education purchasers, Apple has never had more to offer higher education.


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